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Welcome to Index Engineering Consultants

Index Engineering Consultant is an Engineering Consulting Firm set up with the prime objective of providing solutions to problems emanating from human basic needs from where and by which human consumption, services and comfort are derived. Such basic needs of man include amenities such as Water, Transportation, Housing, Agriculture, Economic and Recreational facilities.

The Firm has its head office in Ilorin which has grown into a diversified organizational base over the years. It has a branch office in Ibadan and contact offices in Abuja and Port Harcourt. Our offices are well staffed and adequately equipped to handle major projects independently, Close co-ordination is maintained for effective utilization and pooling together of resources for very large or urgent projects. The offices are co-ordination / contact points for ... read more

What we do

At Index Engineering Consultants, we offer great services. We handles works including:

Project Conception
Project Planning
Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Designs
Final Designs
Construction Supervision
Project Management
Contract Documents
Bid Processing

With our experience while working on externally funded projects such as World Bank and African Development Bank, Fund sourcing and Management shall be part of our services in due course ... read more